Monday, January 18, 2010

Undeserving love...

The man I love does not want me to love him.
his actions do not match his words.
I dont know how he weasled himself under my skin.
He's far from perfect. He's raw and uneducated.
He's tacky and sometimes heartless.
He's funny, loyal, and broken.
He has consumed me.
I love him without reason, it makes him uncomfortable.
I wish I could stop my heart from wanting more.
I wish my dreams did not insist on him.
I do not know how to be without him.....
The man I love has said 'no thank you'His words have left me broken.....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Kyu aati hai yaadein

yado main aaker bhi wo to sirf yaadein aati phir kyu aati hai yaadein....
kyu aati hai yaadein
chup rehker bhi, bolker bhi wo yado main aatai hai.
sath rehker bhi , akhle main bhi wo yaado main rehtai hai.
kyu dekhker kai kise aur ko unki parchai nazar aati hai to...
kyu ati hai yaadai....
jab jab suraj ughta hai to unki najar yaad aati hai .
jab jab suraj dhalta hai to unki parchai nazar aati hai.
sath nahi wo mere phir bhi har lamhe main sath nazar aata hai.
jantai hai unkai bina akhlai hu phir bhi akhlai mai wo sath rehtai hai.
to kyu aati hai yaade...
chaker bhi unhe bhulna mushkil hai phir bhi kyu unko bhula bnahi pati hu.
kosish kertti hu jab unko bhulne ki to
kyu aatai hai bhar bhar kai ashu.
to kyu aati hai yaaadein.
yaado mai rehker bhi wo to sirf yaadein hoti hai .
to phir kyu aati hai yaaadein...