Monday, December 27, 2010

Make Your Valentines Day Special With Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts always renders a sense of belonging to the person to whom it is gifted to, and it would hence become all the more special on Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is all about expressing your love for your beloved and it would become all the more special if done with unique gifts. Personalizing gifts adds that extra touch of love, as it portrays that the gift has not just been brought from the store and wrapped up in a pretty paper. There are various ways in which you can personalize the gift, and you can be sure that your beloved is just going to adore it.
Monograms: The use of monograms, that is inscribing or etching, is one of the most used methods of personalizing gift items. You can etch the name of your beloved, or his or her initials on the backside of the gift. It can also have an intricate design. Many also inscribe quotes and notes on the gift. So items like watches, jewelry caskets and mirrors are good items to be monogrammed as the lid or the backside provides the adequate space for the inscription. Moreover, the costs of monogramming are very affordable and some stores even provide the services free of costs.
Inclusion of Handmade Items: What can be more personal or intimate than making something for your beloved yourself. Those who are good at handiwork, sometimes make the gifts with their own hands, like wall hangings, embroidered kerchiefs or scarves, candles, handmade jewelry with pretty beads etc. If you do not feel that much confident then you can decorate the hamper or the gift box yourself or make a lovely card with a romantic message. All it takes is few hours of work and lots of love, which there is surely no dearth of.
Love Messages: Romantic notes are always special, not just on Valentine's Day. But on this day, you feel like expressing your love like never before. So pour your heart out and tell him or her everything that you have ever wanted to say. It does not have to be poetic or does not require any flowing ornamented words either. Speak straight form the heart. If you want to use quotes, do it at the end. Simple words, simply spoken, has a greater impact than planned poetry which may not come naturally to you.
Personalizing the gift will make the gift just for whom it is gifted to, as if it was made for him or her alone and no one else. And it would also show that how much important he or she is to you for you to go out of the way and put that extra effort.

Gifts For Special Friends on Valentine's Day

Although generally considered a day for lovers, Valentine's Day is also a time to remember those special friends in your life; those people whose love and support keep you going all year around. And if you don't happen to have a romantic "Valentine," a good friend will do just fine.For myself, I send small gifts for Vaelntine's day to my special friends.
So, what kind of gifts you can send a friend on Valentine's day?
Most good pals appreciate a gift that caters to their sweet tooth. Both of you can celebrate your loyal friendship on valentines day with your chocolate box. The aptly named Chocolate Delights: Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket, created by GreatArrivals Gift Baskets, could be the ideal Valentine's Day gift for a good pal. Enclosed in a beautiful-but not too frilly or romantic-dark cherry-stained oval willow gift basket, this set includes a Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Premium Square, Lindt White Chocolate Truffles, Fine Belgian Truffles, Kettle Fresh Chocolate Fudge, Monbana French Dark Chocolate Squares, Malto Bella Cappuccino Toffee Malt Balls, Dolcetto Chocolate Filled Wafer Cookies, Primo Dolce Chocolate Truffle Cookies, Sweet Butter Cookies, Brent & Sam's White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies, Almond Roca Buttercrunch Candy, and Butter Toffee Pretzels.
Also to appeal to the "foodie friend," Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets offers the All Sweets and Treats Gift Tower - Gourmet Food Gift Basket. This luxurious gift set includes three beautifully detailed stacked boxes in tone-on-tone gold with velvet red tops, tied with an elegant ribbon and complete with a personalized gift message from you to your friend. Ensconced in these luxurious boxes are delicacies that include Malto Bello Raspberry Truffles, Strawberry Bonbon Candy, Chocolate Dipped Pretzels, Crunchy Toffee Gourmet Popcorn, buttery Shortbread Cookies, Almond Roca Candy and of course Chocolate Chip Cookies.
For pals who appreciate scented gifts, the vanilla scented friendship poem dried flower candle is ideal for a friendly Valentine's Day gift. Imprinted with a touching poem about the meaning of friendship, this candle comes complete with a design of genuine dried flowers and a pure, crisp vanilla scent.
If you have a special female pal in your life, you could lead to a fun-filled Valentine's afternoon, shared among good friends. Most female cronies love a good chick flick, and the Chick Flick Blu-ray 3-Pack includes the recent female-friendly favorites Juno, 27 Dresses, and the The Devil Wears Prada; all in the revolutionary new Blu-ray format. For more chick flick fun, the Ultimate Chick Flick Collection-also available through Amazon-offers additional femme-friendly titles that will remind many of us of our girlhood, where a 'movie day' with friends provided the ultimate fun and entertainment. This collection features touching, witty films such as The Banger Sisters, Ever After, Moulin Rouge, Say Anything, Someone Like You, and Where the Heart Is. Pop some popcorn, let your hair down, and enjoy a few good flicks among friends.
Although traditionally known as a holiday for lovers, Valentine's Day is also a time to celebrate the strong, binding love that exists between good friends. So, remember to send at least small gift for Valentine's day for your loyal friends.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gifts For Lovers on Valentines Day

Valentines Day is, for many couples, the ultimate celebration of love and romantic devotion. It's the day when you set aside time to commemorate your love for another, and to exchange affectionate tokens that display and demonstrate that love to its fullest extent. To help make this celebration the best that it can be, offers a full range of Valentines Gifts for Lovers.
You can kick off any romantic Valentine celebration with a Valentines Day greeting card; an expression of love demonstrated through pictures and words designed to express your true feelings. This sizable cards (indeed, each measures 5.25 x 0.25 x 8 inches) each come imprinted by beautiful pictures and touching sentiments, communicating the words of love you'd like to say to your sweetheart.
And of course, the sweetest holiday wouldn't be complete without a plethora of tasty sweets. Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets' Love Bug Chocolate and Candy Bouquet makes the ideal Valentines gift, as it comes complete with a keepsake red tin filled with a mini bouquet of five cherry heart lollipops, a heart-shaped box featuring assorted chocolates, Chocolate Bursts Napoleon Candies, and chocolate truffle cookies to enjoy yourself, and feed to each other. This gift set also comes with some sweet romantic touches, like a plush stuffed Love Bug and a personalized gift message.
Whether you're a new couple, celebrating your first Valentines Day together, or a husband and wife who treats Valentines Day as the ultimate "date night," you're likely to find that a good romantic movie will do much to spice up your holiday. For a lighter celebration, Amazon.Com offers TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Romantic Comedies; a shining collection of classic romantic films that feature sizzling screen heart throbs like Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, in comedic situations. These include "Adam's Rib," "Woman of the Year," "The Philadelphia Story," and "Bringing Up Baby."
Those who favor more modern romantic flicks might prefer the Romantic Favorites Movie Marathon Collection, featuring hunks and hotties like George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston in the romantic flicks The Story of Us, Wimbledon, Intolerable Cruelty, The Wedding Date, and Along Came Polly.
And what evening wouldn't be complete without a bit of romantic music? On Amazon.Com, the Romantic Saxophone Quartet presents the recording "Dinner Music," featuring sexy, bluesy renditions of romantic classics like "Killing Me Softly," "Let's Stay Together," and "I'll Make Love to You."
And as long as your mind is going in that direction, you might want to pick up a sexy couples gift set from Amazon. The Romantic Gift Set from Gifts-to-Impress includes an elegant glass and wood boudoir box, edible honey dust, a dusting feather, the original Oil of Love, vanilla massage cream, and lubricating Love Liquid. This gift set will surely make for a romantic, memorable Valentines Day-and Valentines Night...
Valentines Day is a celebration of love. Make this Valentines Day special with your spouse and have some fun!

Valentine's Day - What's So Special About It?

Valentines Day is just around the corner and we all know how special it is for all the lovers. It is so special because you celebrate a whole day with your life partner. Your Valentine is the person whom you love and with whom you want to spend rest of your life. Every year this day falls on the 14th of February and celebrated as a traditional holiday where lovers express their love to each other. On this day you can exchange love notes, love cards or gifts to show your feelings to the one whom you love.
Today there are lot of material available on the internet with a lot of websites that can help you in planning the day for your valentine. All you have to do is just a research and selection of the best thing of your beloved's choice. Or if you are not able to get anything then a simple "I Love You" is good enough to express your heart.
Originally valentine's day is associated with Saint Valentine who was a kind-hearted Roman priest who solemnized the marriages of young couples against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II, and was beheaded for his deeds on the 14th of February.
Every year couples celebrate this day with great joy. They go to dating places, restaurants, shopping malls to spend their day with their partner. Everywhere we can see them cuddling, hugging and kissing each other. This all shows that in this world love and romance is still alive. If you do not have any partner yet and you like someone and want to express your feelings then Valentine's day is the right time for you. Propose her in a different way and express your love feelings with a gift, bouquet or red rose.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Valentine's day gift ideas for sisters and moms

Valentine's Day is traditionally for lovers, but you can also use this holiday to show your sister or your mom how special they are to you. Here are some gift ideas on what you can give your sister for this holiday:
1. Dinner and a Movie - If your sister is single, she might appreciate a dinner out on the town with her favorite brother. Or, if you are both old movie buffs, why not rent some Laurel and Hardy movies, or some Little Rascal episodes, or "Gone With the Wind"? Then, invite her over for pizza and some movies!
2. Gift Cards Make Great Gifts - Your sister might also appreciate a gift card for her favorite store. Gift cards are easy to use, and they spend just like cash. You can usually get them in monetary increments from twenty dollars to over two thousand dollars.
You can also get gift cards that she can use like a Visa (TM) credit card so your sister can shop at any store she chooses
You can either wrap the gift card up separately or you can just slip it into a Valentine's Day card.
3. Babysitting Services - If your sister is a single mom, then she probably could use a night out away from the kids. Offer to babysit her kids for one time, any night that she chooses. This gift could make a harried mom a little less stressed!
4. Change the Oil- Women aren't normally as attentive to their vehicles as most men are. So, why not offer to change the oil in your sister's vehicle? While you're at it, you could check the rest of the fluid levels and top them off too!
Then, as a reminder to your sister, you could place a heart shaped sticky note on the dash to remind
her when the oil will need to be changed again.
5. Send Silk Flowers - Real flowers smell nice, but they wilt and die too soon. But, all women love to get flowers, especially on a holiday. So, why not skip the real thing and buy her a vase full of silk flowers instead? These fakes not only stay pretty for a long time, but they are also easy to clean off with a damp cloth.
And, now, here are some gift ideas for mom:
1. Family Picture - Mothers always love to display pictures of their families. If your mom's copy of the family picture is a little outdated, then why not get your siblings together and have a new picture taken? With today's technology, you can have a friend snap a picture with a digital camera. Then, print it out on your computer, and place it in an attractive frame! The cost will be minimal, but the joy it will bring your mother will be priceless!
2. Chores for a Day- Most mothers don't like to ask their grown kids to do much for them. But, if they live by themselves on their own, there are probably plenty of chores to do around the house.
So, you can give your mom a coupon (that you made with your computer and printer) that tells her you'll do chores for a day at her place as your gift to her!
3. Let Her Keep in Touch - Moms often have family members who are strung out clear across the United States. With the high cost of calling distance rising, your mother might not get the chance to keep in touch with her family as much as she would like.
If this describes your mom, you can get her a prepaid phone card. These cards are s

Friday, October 29, 2010

Valentine's Day Poems

Valentine’s Day Reminds Me
Valentine’s Day reminds me
of the smile I smile
every time I think of you,
the emotional lift I feel
at the sound of your name.
Valentine’s Day reminds me
of the strength and comfort I get
from knowing
there are people like you in my life.
Everything good about Valentine’s Day
reminds me of you.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How to Make Him Stay in Love With You - Capture His Heart Forever

You've found the man of your dreams. You're absolutely certain of it. Every time you see him your heart does a few flip flops. He's charming, he's kind and he's the stuff that husbands are made of. The problem is that you have a nagging worry in the back of your mind that something could go wrong. You wish you knew how to make him stay in love with you. If there was a way to do that you'd be able to relax knowing that he'd never leave. Although there's no magic wand you can wave to make a man crazy about you, there are things you can do that will make him see you as his soul mate. If you accomplish that he'll feel so emotionally connected to you that he'll see you as part of his future forever.
Understanding how to make him stay in love with you is all about making yourself utterly irresistible to him. Men bore easily. Sadly, that's just a fact of life. You have to appear to him as a breath of fresh air each and every time he sees you. One way to do that is to always be spontaneous. Men love it when a woman keeps them guessing. If he never knows what you have planned for him, he'll trip over himself rushing over to see you each day. If you can ensure that you're unpredictable, he'll stay interested. Continually show him that you're a multi-faceted, fascinating woman and he'll long to be with you always.
Kindness is something we often overlook in this fast paced, cut throat world we live in. Men love women who are considerate, and not just to them. If you two are out and he sees you being genuinely friendly to another person, it will melt his heart. This type of behavior makes a man very proud and he'll want to show you off to everyone he can. Men long to be with women who make them feel like better men. Being kind is easy and also an effective way to get him closer to you.
Tell him that you love him at least once a day. He wants and needs to know that you find him irresistible and appealing too. If a man feels cherished and appreciated by the woman he loves, he'll never want to be without her. Your belief in him and connection in him will make him feel ten times taller. The moment a woman starts belittling her guy or trying to change him, she's actually hurting the relationship. Stay on course by being his biggest fan and he'll stay in love with you forever.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Friendship Brings Out the Best in You

Human nature dictates that no man is an island. We constantly seek for love and friendship in order to have that sense of security. In our lifetime, there will always be that one person whom we can depend on to share in our triumphs and defeats- a person whom we can call a friend.
Relationships may come and go at anytime but, true friendship will remain despite trials and afflictions. It is a relationship based on trust, love, loyalty and respect. It can defy anger and seeks for reconciliation when misunderstanding arises. It is present not merely so that we could have a shoulder to cry on or have someone to talk to. Having a friend is like having a brother or a sister not by blood but by bond. It is a bond that grows deeper with the passing of time and grows stronger with every storm.
The fickle heart is very easy to judge. Through a friend's eye, one is more precious than any diamond. A friend respects your individuality, seeking that best in you and brings out your best qualities. A friend is ready to encourage and cheer you up especially when you feel the need to- someone who is ready to protect and defend you but is not afraid to reprimand you when you're in the wrong.
Where can we find true friendship? Do not be judgmental and you just might find yourself one that is worth keeping. A person can never have too many friends but true friendship is difficult to find especially if your heart and mind are closed. Keep in mind that humans are imperfect. It takes courage to open up to a person for a lasting relationship. There will be times of disappointments in the search for true friendship but once found, it is priceless. It changes people forever and at the same time, allows us to touch our friend in ways we can never imagine.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting a Guy to Fall in Love With You

Do you feel that the guy you are seeing right now is the right one? Do you want him to fall in love with you? Do you want him to commit to you and never leave you? If you desire these things, let me tell you something. You're not alone.

I craved for such things too. I desired to have fulfilling long term relationships with men. But unfortunately for me, none of them really worked out. I was often left broken hearted after a relationship. And it used to be either because of my insecurities or the wrong guy. I had always been attracting the wrong guy and I for once felt completely hopeless. I truly believed that I'd never find the right guy again and felt that I'd have to die alone.

But you know what? I overcame all of it by learning the exact things that was necessary to put me in control of my relationships with men. As soon as I started using these tricks, things began to change and the right men were drawn to me like a magnet. The great thing now is that I have a great boyfriend with whom I have been having a long term relationship and who I feel is the right one.

If I can do it, so can you. There's a misconception about what attracts men. Many women think that it's sex and looks. Actually it's not. Learning this secret saved my time and helped me work on it. By working on it, I was able to drastically change my relationship and my life.

Here are the super effective secrets to get a guy to fall in love with you ultra fast...

Emotional Switches. Men tend to feel attracted to women who make them feel great feelings more than any other thing. If you can make him feel the right feelings, he is going to be attracted to you and will fall in love with you. There are some women who naturally have the power to trigger these switches in the right order. Unfortunately, I didn't. But it can be regained back by adopting a romantic attitude.

Give him space. Don't expect your guy to commit too soon and don't nag him for anything. It will make him feel insecure and will make him do all that he can do to get away from you. Give him space and focus on the present moment. Try to have as much fun as possible in the moment. This creates real intimacy and bond which then leads to true love.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 Sexy Valentine's Day Suggestions to Use on Any Day

*Dress up in a red garter and stocking or a red negligee and heels with a red rose between your teeth and do a sexy strip tease for yourlover.
*Send them roses. Go to the flower shop to make the order and give them an enclosed envelope to send with the flowers. In theenvelope leave a loving/naughty message telling them how much you love them or care for them and what delicious things you are goingto do with their body.
*Write them an erotic story detailing all their favorite techniques, positions, and desires. For example if they particularly love oral, thengo into great detail focusing on all the specifics of what you know they love.
*In your Valentine’s Day card, hand write your feelings, telling them how special and important they are. Enclose a sexy message tellingthem what is going to happen this evening.
*Make your own Valentine’s card. Take a nice naked, sexy photo of yourself and glue it inside the card with a sexy story or sexymessage of what you would like down to your body.
*Buy your lover a box of chocolates and tell them they must eat them off of your body where you will strategically place them. This willbe incredibly fun and pleasurable for both of you.
*Buy yourself a beautiful piece of lingerie that you know your partner will love and surprise them by serving their dinner while wearingit. More than likely dinner will be pushed aside till later!
*Give your lover an erotic massage with your hands, lips and tongue, from the tips of their toes to the top of their head.
*Call your lover at work during the day and tell them how hot and wet you are and how you can’t wait until they get home to ravagetheir body. Tell them you aren’t wearing any panties or bra and that you are going out shopping. This will be a lovely image to stimulatethem through the day and set the mood for the evening. Actually go through your day without the bra and panties and you will findyourself feeling very sexy and aroused as well.
*Give your lover a show. Write a little invitationfor them telling them to meet you in the bedroom or (whatever room) at a specific timefor a special show for their eyes only. Leave the note on the mirror or with their breakfast or something like that.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Love is Not Sex

Most people believe that sex and love belong to one package. Having sexual intercourse with someone, according to those who believe this is so, is equivalent to falling in love. They say that one cannot exist without the other. Actually, this is definitely not the case.

Sex Is Not Essential In A Loving Relationship

That is very true. You do not ultimately need to have sex with your partner just to say that you do love him or her. There are other better methods to show your affection towards your partner, and having sex with him or her is definitely not a necessity.

Many people enjoy the love in their relationship even when they have not had sex, ever. On the other hand, there are other people who have sex all the time since God knows when and love would not even have anything to do with it.

Do not think that just because you do not have sex with your partner it means that you do not love him or her enough. What is important in a relationship is love itself. All that cuddling and kissing are also important, but you do not have to submit yourself to giving absolutely everything if you, or both of you, do not feel ready just yet. There is absolutely no need to rush things.

What The Bible Says

In the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13:4, it says that love is, indeed, patient and that love is kind. Love is also never envious or arrogant with pride. Rushing things, thus having sex with your partner when one of you or neither of you is ready just yet, will not make your relationship a better one. Love will bring out the patient person within you.

How To Identify Love From Sex

Sex is when you simply succumb to your worldly desires. You feel sexually attracted to someone you would hardly know and would actually do something about it by flirting with that someone, which, in turn, will take you both to the same bed. In this case, love has absolutely nothing to do with it. It is like you just scratched an itch, and then the both of you will get on with your separate lives. A perfect example of this is one night stands, which are absolutely meaningless, except that they feed your lust.

Making love is when both parties really put their heart and soul in their lovemaking, being completely honest with each other in the process. It is not selfish, since you would want your partner to feel pleasure as well as yourself, as compared to simply having sex, because with sex, you would prioritize your own sexual pleasure.

Simply put, love involves affinity, while sex only involves lust, which in turn is based solely on desire.

Lustful Relationships

Couples in a lustful relationship place their own personal needs and wants before those of their partner. Thus, it is a selfish kind of relationship. This, alone, is proof enough that your partner disrespects you and your being. This selfishness would affect the foundation of your relationship and would soon influence how your relationship would end.

For example, a certain person in a lustful relationship would keep insisting on doing something his or her partner obviously does not enjoy. The satisfaction, pleasure and happiness of the partner are not being taken into account, but rather, only the gratification of the wants and desires of the other.

It is merely driven by short-lived passion and desire, and once a goal is achieved, specifically, sex, the relationship slowly deteriorates, and sooner or later, the couple will just go on their separate ways.

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Love and Fun Are One in the Same With You

Can you make him associate happiness with you? How do you create a correlation of fun and you as one concept? Is love more exciting then society makes us believe? Society makes us believe with media that love is an almighty powerful force of giddy smiles and walks in the rain but exhilaration in love might be more than Goosebumps from his kiss.

You need to create that notion in his head that love and fun are one in the same with you around. He links fun and good times to you while you increase your chances of nabbing a man for the long term. It's basic logic that the more he enjoys being with you the harder it is for him to walk away when there are no bad feelings or awkward small talk. Love should be fun, not a complicated measure or anxious waiting game for I love yous and tingly feelings. Love and fun are one in the same with you remember?

Give him some excitement outside the traditional fancy restaurant and wine. Experiment with new dates you have never done before. Go to a roller rink, football game, whale watching excursion, a day at the beach, watch the sunset an hour before to talk before it starts to fall. Dinner, wine, and a boat ride at dusk is a much better date. Now love and fun are one in the same with you.

A final touch can be something silly like Twister at your place, watching SNL, a paintball war, ice cream at Baskin Robbins, or finding constellations in the night. The point is to create more opportunities to make him laugh and enjoy you. You two have time to connect with conversation, smiles, and new emotions swirling inside. It's a nice feeling to find that one person to share all the good times with. When love and fun are one in the same with you, it's all smiles from less bad days.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Recipe For Two Lovers

Take happiness and laughter

mix thoroughly with romance.

Add hugs,

pecks, and sprinkle with kisses.

Bind with pleasure and bake with faith.

Serve with endless love.


Someone in my heart beyond all my pride,
Holds a secret desire so intense deep inside.
Imprisoned with all my passion and love,
Unknown to anyone but the lord up above.
A desire for someone to cherish and hold,
The need for love to call my own.
Someone who keeps me shining day and night,
Someone to kiss and make up with after a fight.
Someone who appreciates and respects all I can be,
Someone who’s strong enough to commit and love only me.
Someone who will be there to kiss away my tears,
Secure my doubts and release my fears.
Someone who can restore my faith in love once again.
This love is like a dream that has yet to become true,
Or to believed until I found you...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Does He Love You? - Ideas to Help You Decide

How can you know if your man really does love you? Is it good enough if he just says it? How important are his actions in letting you know how much he feels for you? Words are not enough because people don't always speak the complete truth. If you want to know if your man really does love you, you have to watch for some other signs. Here they are.

He tells you that he loves you. Yes, we said that this is not enough; however, if you never hear the words, then he probably isn't feeling it. You need more than his verbal declarations of love, but, it is a good place to start.

He shows you in different, thoughtful ways. Unfortunately, guys don't always realize the way you want them to show you their love. However, you need to understand that if he is making the effort to show you in his own way, then this is good enough and you should value his attempts.

Your man is there to take care of you. Whether you are feeling ill, or struggling with some life issue, if your guy instinctively wants to be there for you, they you can feel confident that he does love you. No man will freely take on more frustration or deal with extra problems unless they feel deeply for their woman.

He always gives his support and encouragement. When two people are in love, they tend to brush aside their own opinions when it comes to their mate's hopes and desires. Does your guy offer his unconditional support for your ideas, dreams, and ambitions? If you feel that you can count on your guy through thick and thin, then you should definitely hold on to him tightly.

Finally, a definite indication of deep feelings is commitment. When a man commits to an exclusive, monogamous relationship, there should be no doubt that he really does love you. Commitment is difficult for most men, so if you have it from your guy, you really don't need to question his emotions.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Feeling Lonely?

The feeling of being empty inside can make us lonely, or even depressed. I have a friend who got cheated on by his girlfriend about three months ago. She felt she didn’t have a future with him. Even though he said that both of them made mistakes in their relationships, he felt that he could have treated her better. Both of them have strong characters, so they clash with each other. I told him not too worry about it because everything happens for a reason. There were many flaws in his relationships and he felt somewhat good that it ended. He spent a year and half with his ex-girlfriend, and he didn’t like how it ended. Like I said, everything happens for a reason.

During his three months of being single, he has been dating around. From time to time, he keeps telling me that he missed having a girlfriend. At this point, I know he feels lonely because he is used to having someone on his side. He likes to dance, hang out, and eat at good restaurants with a person he loves. Even though he is recuperating by dating around, he doesn’t want to feel lonely.

Overall, being lonely can help you get stronger. You will have more time for yourself so you can evaluate what you want in life, love, and relationships. If you feel lonely, try to date other people, or hang out with friends and family. Just don’t let loneliness overtake you!

Secrets to Real Love

How do some die old together and others divorce after twenty years of marriage? As time goes on, what can you two do to keep the love strong? Do you have what it takes to go the distance? It's hard to understand but divorce and break ups happen even after decades together. The secrets to making it to your Silver anniversary are basic principles to master now.

The secrets to real love is a "friends first" concept. Studies continuously show that couples who had a strong foundation of friendship in the beginning of their relationship lived happier and longer together. They had fun at the movies, biking to the beach, and going to the drive in with friends after the diner. The secrets to real love are about fun and time together just happy to be in the moment.

Be comfortable individually to make your friendship and relationship it's happiest. Happy people are more likely to be in happy relationships. Get to the point where you can fart in front of him, be comfortable without make up, and have a pimple or two on your chin. When you are confident enough to sing karaoke, play charades, and comfortably be yourself in every way then you have some of the secrets to real love. Confidence lets you be honest to never fake personality. Silliness is ok!

Sex should come after two or three months of dating at least to really see if the relationship is real. History and studies of successful long-term relationships prove waiting for sex helps you stay together in the long run compared to those who had sex sooner instead of working on their compatibility. Those who had sex on the first date or around that time do not fare well for ever after. Working on your bond of emotional passion works like foreplay. What they say about love and sex is true; love makes sex feel amazingly better.

Best friends forever, heart and a caring personality, confidence and comfort with each other, fun and making sex a reaction of honest emotions are the secrets to real love.

Monday, May 3, 2010

How to Have a Happy Love Life

You haven't yet noticed the other person's flaws and it's as if the sun rises and sets with this new love in your life. Unfortunately, this phase doesn't last. The newness eventually wears off as reality sets in. The good news is that with the right mindset and attitude, you can keep the magic in your relationship.
1. Decide that you are going to have happy relationship. Anything that you ever do will begins with a thought. Visualize yourself and your partner in a happy and healthy relationship.
2. Handle conflict in a loving way. Every couple has disagreements. The way you handle them will help determine the success of your relationship. Don't insist on being right. Instead, focus on understanding your partner's point of view and be a good listener. This will help keep your partner from becoming defensive and he or she will appreciate being heard.
3. Be responsible for your own happiness. Understand that it's not your partner's job to make you happy. In the early stages of your relationship, your partner may feel flattered to know that you depend on him or her for fulfillment, but after a while, they will feel drained and suffocated. True happiness comes from within. Be your own source of happiness and that will make your relationship much sweeter.
4. Don't be consumed by jealousy. This can do serious damage to a relationship. The poet Maya Angelou once said that jealousy is like salt. In small amounts, it can add spice to a relationship but too much is unhealthy.
5. Don't take your partner for granted. Remind yourself why you fell in love with this person in the first place. Focus on your partner's positive attributes and remember that no one is perfect.

Friday, April 23, 2010

How to Propose to Your Girlfriend

Asking your girlfriend to spend the rest of their life with you can be a very stressful time in a person's life. You do not know if they will say yes, or if they will say no. Worrying about finding a romantic and unique way to propose is also another worry men go through. Even though the traditional way of going down on one knee and asking them to marry you works, women today prefer to be asked in such a way that they will remember the moment for the rest of their lives.
Examples of innovative ways to propose to your girlfriend.
Sometimes, a romantic proposal will determine the answer of your girlfriend to your proposal. This is the reason why it is vital that you do it right. Finding the right way to propose is very easy to do. This is assuming that you know your girlfriend and her interests. For example, if your girlfriend is the type of person who likes to go to sporting events, having the words "will you marry me" on the big screen will have a big effect.
Taking your girlfriend out for a romantic trip and proposing during the trip is another way to do it while she is having a good time. For example, you and your girlfriend go to an Alaskan cruise, and while on the main deck looking at the stars during a clear night you go down on one knee and ask her to be your wife. Combining an unforgettable vacation along with a memorable moment will guarantee that she will never forget that day for the rest of her life.
Women want this moment to be truly memorable. If you think that there are no new ways to ask your girlfriend to spend the rest of their life with you, you are wrong. It only requires a little effort and a lot of preparation on your part.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Teens and Dating

Among the age brackets that receive the greatest amount of confusing decision making are teens. At this stage of life there could be hundreds of decisions to make that could leave them confused and troubled. In addition, temptations of making the worst decision of their lives are flooding the way at this stage.
One of the most crucial parts of being a teenager is relationships. In this point some parents would say "you are too young for that", and more often, teens get disappointed on it. Here are some of the most common questions that teen really get confused in answering and we are answering it to the best that we can for you guy.
When exactly should teens start dating?
The answer is, THERE IS NO BEST AGE FOR DATING. Being ready for dating is never an age matter. Dating is something that teen should be well aware of. Being mentally and emotionally fit and stable are the common requirements to determine if a person is ready to join the crazy world of dating. Since we are dealing with teens here, dating would only be okay for those who are able to handle things maturely and of course, those with parents consent.
What do you mean by healthy dating relationship?
Healthy dating relationship, much like friendship, should be founded in the base of good communication, respect and honesty. However, unlike friendship, healthy dating relationship would include physical means of expressing care such as hugging and kissing (reminder, never over do any of the stated physical means of expressing care). In addition, contrary to some people would say, healthy dating relationship would include being away from that person some time. Being away would create a stronger feeling of longing and would develop maturity for both sides. Also, being able to balance the time being spent for your special someone/crush and your family would mean you are having a good dating relationship.
Why do I have to date someone at my age?
Dating someone at your age or close to your age would ensure an equal maturity. Having the almost the same age would mean that both of you can understand one another very well. Also, this is to ensure and stay away from the possibility that dating someone older would only bring about physical relationship rather than the desirable emotional relationship.source :

Friday, April 9, 2010

How to Send Sweet Text Messages to Your Girlfriend - Make Her Fall in Love With You Everyday!

Showing your love to your girlfriend always ends up making you feel inspire and in love. Sending sweet text messages is a simple way for you to make someone feel desired and extraordinary. It is definitely an easy gesture surefire to make anyone feel good and happy, and think about you as well. Although there are already a lot of sweet text messages handy for you to just copy and paste, there are three ways on how to make you own sweet text message --- guaranteed to keep your girlfriend in love with you all the way!
Express and write what you feel. It will always make a difference if you make it a point to be sincere and true with your messages. Always remember to write to express not to impress. Though it can be pretty tricky, since you want to make your special someone like or love you back through a sweet text message. No matter if it's just a simple "I'm thinking of you" text to a play of Shakespearean words, it will still be sweet.
Be original and personal. It's always dreamy and thoughtful when you put some effort in making your text message personal and original, and let's face it --- a little phrase about love that you tried to make in a few minutes is way better than a copied one online, from books or magazines --- unleash the inner writer in you for a change.
Keep it short and simple. Make your own lyrics (even three lines is enough and you can actually make a little song about it!), write a poem --- always keep things to a minimum --- it'll build her anticipation more. Love and excitement go hand in hand so keep your girl hanging so she can still look forward for more sweet text messages from you!
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Source :

Thursday, April 1, 2010

10 Different Ideas For Long Distance Relationship

Love cannot be measured by distances. The relationship is measured by the depth of emotions. Trust and loyalty are the only wheels of love to eternity.
Long Distances can become a torment, but cannot be a barrier in love. There are lots of things that one can do to keep up the romance in long relationship. So not to worry if you are miles away from your love, just go through the following romantic ideas to keep your relationship exciting and intimate:
o Surprise gifts: when they are not expecting, send you partner flowers, cards and letters occasionally.
o Memories: capture and share that interesting moment of yours by exchanging photos, video clips. Post a declaration of your love on youtube.
o Surprise visits: show them how much you care for your love and that you will do anything for them by planning a surprise visit. Plan the visit even if it is for few moments. It will show how much you crave for them.
o Journal: a personal journal of your thoughts will help you a lot. Jot down your dreams, how much you missed them that day and at the end of your time together, give it to them to read.
o Love notes: leaving notes behind in their bags / luggage can be quite fun and romantic. They will notice them when they reach and start unpacking.
o CDs: make a mix of all the songs that remind you of your sweetheart, and then mail them to know your feelings.
o Stay in touch: be more interested in hearing about your partner's day and life, and then you are telling about your own. Tell that you miss them
o Sing for them: call your sweetheart and sing for them and let them know how you feel for them.
o List: send your mate a list of romantic things and Date Ideas and have him add his few ideas and send it back. When you are together, complete the list.
o Messaging: Surprise them by leaving a romantic message on their mobile phone.

Romantic Honeymoon Ideas to Fan the Flame of Love

Romantic honeymoon ideas are important in making every moment of your honeymoon a cherished one. Your honeymoon helps to create special memories of the beginning of your married relationship. So if you are looking for some special touches to help make your trip even better, then keep reading.
Surprises are so much fun; however, it is important that before you leave for your honeymoon trip you take the time to plan your ideas so that you have all the resources you need before you leave for your destination. Plan for ideas that are romantic and from the heart that will make your spouse happy and remember the moments forever.
Here are some of romantic honeymoon ideas that you might enjoy implementing.
Little presents
Each day of your honeymoon give your spouse a little present. This could be massage oil, a bubble bath, and your favorite bottle of wine or even a new CD. You do not have to give expensive or extravagant presents; but rather, it should be something that will add zest to your honeymoon, bring a smile to your spouse's face and something that fits the both of you.
Jacuzzi bath
Bring tea light candles and bubble bath on your honeymoon and prepare a warm bath for both of you. Make sure that your room has a Jacuzzi or bathtub. Turn off the lights, place the scented candles around the room, and enjoy many romantic moments together.
Reasons Why I Love You
Before leaving for your honeymoon, write down on small pieces of paper the reasons why you love your spouse. Maybe you can add a little art on it and present it to your new partner on a daily basis. Your spouse will be surprised and touched with the effort you exerted in expressing all the little things that you love about your life together.
Walking in the moonlight
This idea is the most common among other romantic honeymoon ideas. Take a walk hand in hand with the moon shining on you is such a romantic experience. Stroll along slowly and really experience the moments. Take pleasure in walking while talking about the delightful wedding you had and the plans for your future.
Love poem
Your spouse will be overwhelmed with happiness if you present a meaningful poem. You can put all your romantic thoughts in poetic manner. Whatever your style in delivering your love poem, it will be a treasured memory for both of you.
Romantic honeymoon ideas are that perfect little extra touch that can help you to create the vacation of your dreams.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Showing Your Love by Sending Friendship Greeting Cards

Love is indefinable. Is it actual and deep? Or fake and shallow. If you feel you really and deeply love someone, what better way is there to show it than sending greeting card sayings? The emotional quotes of cards make it simple for your message to flow across.
Love quotes Everyone cannot be a romantic poet, and writing love quotes can be very difficult sometimes. When it comes to expressing our love, we are mostly out of words, and this is where the cards fill the void.
If you are a guy, greeting cards are all the more important, as men mostly fail to understand the delicate love that the fairer sex demands. A few well-delivered card sentiments can make her feel special and loved. With the advent of technology and Internet, there are many online e-greeting cards that you can send to your family, or friends for free. This is a great way to send across love, but nothing beats the charm of real cards.
If you do have the poetic skills required to appeal your special one, use them in writing your own card verses in the card. These verses written by you would add a personal touch to the card, and make it all the more special.
Greeting cards for family Greeting cards are not just limited to be sent to your significant other. You can send cards to your family and make them feel special. For example, you can send a father's day card to your old man, and make him feel special. Sending cards makes it easier to send your loving word. You might not know how to express your emotions for your loved ones in words. This is where cards act as a bridge. They express your love without you having to come up with your own sentimental card phrases.
Seasonal greeting cards Make sure you send cards to your relatives and friends on special occasions, like Christmas. Christmas cards show that you remember your family and friends at this holy occasion. There are many general as well as unique Christmas cards that you can purchase from local stores. Christmas is the most important time to remember all your loved ones.
If you haven't considered sending greeting cards as of yet, maybe this is the right time for you to do it. The greeting card sayings sent by you will touch the hearts of your loved family members and friends.

Can You Make Him Fall in Love? Give This a Try and See

Do you doubt your capacity to make that special guy fall in love with you? Are you awkward or clumsy in your attempts and you'd like to find a way to successfully find that true love? Would it help if you had a few great tips to help you along? Try these tips and see how your love life changes.
Love can be an extremely touchy emotion. It's there, it builds up, it backs away, it's afraid, excited and scary all at the same time.
One of the scariest things, from the point of few of a man, is facing a woman who just wants it to much. If this relationship is really important to you and you're doing too much to make it work, you can be scaring the guy away with the sheer pressure of it all.
Instead of jumping into the relationship with your eyes on the future, look at what you have going on with him right here and now. Do you do your best to make each date a fun and interesting one? Are you letting him see various sides of your personality so that he can get to know you better? Are you relaxed and easy and he can just breathe and have a good time with you?
All of this will allow him to better build up a strong sense of emotions for you. While you're having fun with him, try to give him something to admire about you, to appreciate about you. Men want to feel they're getting a complete woman and they want to know you have brains and compassion as well as a sense of humor and good looks.
Once things get rolling, remember to let him set his own pace. It's always tempting to ask for more attention, more time or just plain more affection from him, but this can often result in him backing away.
Leaving him a touch of mystery to figure out as he gets to know you will only heighten his interest, so don't constantly be pushing him. Pull away a bit instead and watch how he'll reach out to you if he thinks he risks losing you. As he falls in love with you at his own pace, he'll also appreciate the time and space you leave him.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day - Roses and Their Meanings

If you've decided on going traditional and giving your ladylove roses this Valentine's Day, keep in mind the different colors and the meanings they convey.

Red roses are also known as Valentine roses, and they are usually for lovers, although close family members may also be given red roses. Unless if you're in love with your friend, do not give red roses to her.

Red Roses

Red roses tell the other person "I love you" in the romantic sense. A red rose is an enduring symbol of love and passion. Not surprisingly, red roses are most in-demand in February, thus making them especially expensive during Valentine's day. Here is a list of rose colors and their different meanings.

White Roses A pure white rose is a symbol of truth and innocence. It also send another person these messages: "I miss you" and "You're heavenly."

Lilac and Purple Roses

If you've fallen love at first sight and have become basically enchanted, send the other person a bouquet of lilac roses or purple roses.

Coral and Orange Roses

If you send someone coral roses, it only means one thing: that you desire the other person. If you are not lesbian or bisexual but would to send your girl friend a rose, do not ever send coral roses, otherwise you might be misconstrued. Send yellow roses instead.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses have a strictly platonic meaning, and you only send them to friends.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine Feelings

When i look at you,

i cannot deny there is God,

cause only God could have created some one

as wonderful n beautiful as you

Deepak Vijay

Friday, February 5, 2010

I Miss You Dreamer

You don't know how bad I need you here with me,
I need you more than anything more than I need to breathe
How do I last now that my heart has grown so cold,
Being without you its like my heart was put on hold
How do I stay warm without you to hold me tight,
I wish I was in your arms and everything was right
When I'm with you my body becomes weak,
I want to say I love you but its really hard to speak
I get this amazing feeling from my head down to my toes,
I cant explain it I'm like the only one who knows
I wish I could tell you exactly how I feel,
But words cant explain it this feelings just to real
I miss you so much and I cant wait to see your face,
Cuz when were together my heart begins to race
When I'm with you its like no one can get in my way,
Even when were apart I think about you all day
Thank you so much for always being there for me,
Its love like ours that were always meant to be

The One and Only You

I want you to remember
Those good old days
Those days of happiness
When everything went your way
I want you to cherish these memories
I don't want you to let them go
And I hope they make you happy
As they did so long ago
I wish I could comfort you
Shield you from life's pain
I wish I could just give you everything
You definitely deserve something to gain
You've always told me not to give up
Well here is a lesson for youIf you ever need me,
callThat is all you have to do
You've been through so much these days
I'm sure God has something planned out
But in order to see it
You cannot be blinded by doubt
So help me help you
Tell me everything you're going through
Let go of all these troubles
Because the more you hold on the more it doubles
Please, I can see your smile fading
I can hear your voice crackYou may not be near
But you know I got your back
In the past I wasn't always there
Give me a chance this time
I swear on my life I'll be right beside you
To save the emptiness in your mind
With your heart so fragile
With your soul so true
This is a tribute
To the one and only you
So smile your gorgeous smile
Walk with your chin held high
Get up off the ground
Don't let your dreams die

Monday, January 18, 2010

Undeserving love...

The man I love does not want me to love him.
his actions do not match his words.
I dont know how he weasled himself under my skin.
He's far from perfect. He's raw and uneducated.
He's tacky and sometimes heartless.
He's funny, loyal, and broken.
He has consumed me.
I love him without reason, it makes him uncomfortable.
I wish I could stop my heart from wanting more.
I wish my dreams did not insist on him.
I do not know how to be without him.....
The man I love has said 'no thank you'His words have left me broken.....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Kyu aati hai yaadein

yado main aaker bhi wo to sirf yaadein aati phir kyu aati hai yaadein....
kyu aati hai yaadein
chup rehker bhi, bolker bhi wo yado main aatai hai.
sath rehker bhi , akhle main bhi wo yaado main rehtai hai.
kyu dekhker kai kise aur ko unki parchai nazar aati hai to...
kyu ati hai yaadai....
jab jab suraj ughta hai to unki najar yaad aati hai .
jab jab suraj dhalta hai to unki parchai nazar aati hai.
sath nahi wo mere phir bhi har lamhe main sath nazar aata hai.
jantai hai unkai bina akhlai hu phir bhi akhlai mai wo sath rehtai hai.
to kyu aati hai yaade...
chaker bhi unhe bhulna mushkil hai phir bhi kyu unko bhula bnahi pati hu.
kosish kertti hu jab unko bhulne ki to
kyu aatai hai bhar bhar kai ashu.
to kyu aati hai yaaadein.
yaado mai rehker bhi wo to sirf yaadein hoti hai .
to phir kyu aati hai yaaadein...