Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Secrets to Real Love

How do some die old together and others divorce after twenty years of marriage? As time goes on, what can you two do to keep the love strong? Do you have what it takes to go the distance? It's hard to understand but divorce and break ups happen even after decades together. The secrets to making it to your Silver anniversary are basic principles to master now.

The secrets to real love is a "friends first" concept. Studies continuously show that couples who had a strong foundation of friendship in the beginning of their relationship lived happier and longer together. They had fun at the movies, biking to the beach, and going to the drive in with friends after the diner. The secrets to real love are about fun and time together just happy to be in the moment.

Be comfortable individually to make your friendship and relationship it's happiest. Happy people are more likely to be in happy relationships. Get to the point where you can fart in front of him, be comfortable without make up, and have a pimple or two on your chin. When you are confident enough to sing karaoke, play charades, and comfortably be yourself in every way then you have some of the secrets to real love. Confidence lets you be honest to never fake personality. Silliness is ok!

Sex should come after two or three months of dating at least to really see if the relationship is real. History and studies of successful long-term relationships prove waiting for sex helps you stay together in the long run compared to those who had sex sooner instead of working on their compatibility. Those who had sex on the first date or around that time do not fare well for ever after. Working on your bond of emotional passion works like foreplay. What they say about love and sex is true; love makes sex feel amazingly better.

Best friends forever, heart and a caring personality, confidence and comfort with each other, fun and making sex a reaction of honest emotions are the secrets to real love.