Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Does He Love You? - Ideas to Help You Decide

How can you know if your man really does love you? Is it good enough if he just says it? How important are his actions in letting you know how much he feels for you? Words are not enough because people don't always speak the complete truth. If you want to know if your man really does love you, you have to watch for some other signs. Here they are.

He tells you that he loves you. Yes, we said that this is not enough; however, if you never hear the words, then he probably isn't feeling it. You need more than his verbal declarations of love, but, it is a good place to start.

He shows you in different, thoughtful ways. Unfortunately, guys don't always realize the way you want them to show you their love. However, you need to understand that if he is making the effort to show you in his own way, then this is good enough and you should value his attempts.

Your man is there to take care of you. Whether you are feeling ill, or struggling with some life issue, if your guy instinctively wants to be there for you, they you can feel confident that he does love you. No man will freely take on more frustration or deal with extra problems unless they feel deeply for their woman.

He always gives his support and encouragement. When two people are in love, they tend to brush aside their own opinions when it comes to their mate's hopes and desires. Does your guy offer his unconditional support for your ideas, dreams, and ambitions? If you feel that you can count on your guy through thick and thin, then you should definitely hold on to him tightly.

Finally, a definite indication of deep feelings is commitment. When a man commits to an exclusive, monogamous relationship, there should be no doubt that he really does love you. Commitment is difficult for most men, so if you have it from your guy, you really don't need to question his emotions.