Wednesday, November 25, 2009

10 Ways to Say “I Love You” (Without Speaking A Word)

It’s unfortunately very easy to get so caught up in life and routine that you forget to show affection to those most important to you. This trend starts honestly enough but quickly you realize that years have gone by.

If your relationship has become stale or if you tend to take your friends for granted, here are some ways to show your love for those around you. As you consider these, some of you may find that the time is not the issue; it's the technique and act of verbalizing your feelings.
Therefore, go in knowing that you can accomplish these without saying a word. As most of us know, actions can speak louder than words...

1. Leave Notes (in Unusual Places)
Perhaps life has become so busy that you feel like your schedule rarely coincides with that of your partner or kids. How about leaving them a note somewhere unexpected? You’ve probably all heard of kids having little notes from their mom’s in their lunch bags – that’s one place to start, but how about a note by the kettle, in the fridge, on the pillow, on the computer screen...? This can become a bit of a game as you compete to leave a note in the most unusual places!

2. Hug Someone
Physical gestures mean a huge amount, and a hug can be just what a loved one needs to put a big smile on their face. Whether it’s snuggling up on the sofa with your partner or giving your kids a goodnight hug, being held and warmed by another person is a perfect way to feel loved.

3. Write A Poem
A time-honored way to say “I love you” is to write a poem. You don’t have to be Shakespeare – look for sincere, original ways to tell someone that you love them. Try not to fall back on hackneyed phrases about their beautiful blue eyes or their rosy red lips; write about something that’s meaningful to you, perhaps that dimple on their chin, or the way they laugh at your jokes.

4. Give An Unexpected Gift
I’m sure you give your loved ones gifts on their birthday, at Christmas, and on special occasions like Valentine’s day. But how about bringing a gift completely at random? An unexpected present is a moment of pure joy for the recipient and the giver, and it needn’t be anything expensive. A few of their favorite chocolates, a small bunch of flowers, a book which you know they’ll enjoy ... for a few dollars, you have the perfect way to say “I love you”.

5. Do The Chores (Without Being Asked)
For many people, another extremely welcomed gift is someone else doing the chores! If it’s your partner who usually cleans the kitchen, why not do it and surprise him/her? If you normally have to be nagged to vacuum, get it done without being asked. Finding little ways to make someone else’s day smoother lets them know how much they mean to you.

6. Hold Hands
Like hugging, holding hands is something that we often neglect to do when a relationship becomes cozy and familiar. Try taking your partner’s hand when walking down the street, or hold their hands across a table in a restaurant. Being in contact physically helps you feel closer emotionally. This is especially important if you need to talk through a difficult issue or problem. Holding hands can also be a visible demonstration of support if your partner is upset or feeling down.

7. Make A Special Meal
If Friday nights usually mean ordering takeout, why not offer to cook for a change? Make a special meal for your partner (you don’t need an excuse for this – it doesn’t have to be Valentine’s day or an anniversary!) Include their favorite foods, take a few minutes to set the table, to light candles and put music on, and your usual forgettable evening slumped on the sofa can become a night to remember...

8. Dress Up
In the early stages of a relationship, you probably made the effort to look your best. Of course it’s nice to get to the point whereyou can lounge around in your jammies or your over sized, hole-ridden t-shirt... but occasionally getting dressed up can rekindle that early excitement in the relationship. Why not go out to a “swankier” restaurant than usual (it doesn’t have to be much more expensive), or just get dressed up in your party clothes for a special meal for two at home?

9. Give a Foot/Shoulder Rub
Modern life is stressful and many of us have aches and pains caused by tense muscles. A shoulder rub, back rub or foot rub is a wonderful way to tell your partner “I love you”. It demonstrates that their physical well being and comfort is important to you, and it’s also a great way to reinforce physical and emotional closeness.

10. Listen to Them
It’s easy to talk over people or to tune out most of what they’re saying whilst reading the newspaper or chatting online with friends. Listen actively to your partner – when they want to talk, put down what you’re doing, and focus all your attention on them. Listen for what they don’t say; unvoiced concerns or worries, or hints at what they’d really like. Nod and make eye-contact to show that you’re paying attention.

Friday, November 20, 2009

i miss u poems

Today I m feeling so low as you are not with me,
I miss u every moment wherever I may be.

My mind sets no where and just thinks about you,
I wanna talk a lot with you but our talks are due.

My lips are trembling and calling your name,
I cannot see you in front of me and I m going through this pain.

My tears are in trauma should they flow out or lay inside,
they want to roll down my cheeks but could not decide.

My one hand holds the other as it cannot hold yours,
It wanders for only your warm touch , I m sure.

My heart beats gets faster wishing you might be here,
giving me the feel of joy, love and care.

How much I love you is all i know,
i just feel it and I dont want to show.

I miss you with every beat of my heart, no doubt
you are the only one of whom i can think about.....

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How Do We Find Love? Try These Relationship Tips

Relationships are a tricky thing whether you are trying to find one or trying to make one work. Nevertheless, we all want one so how do we find Love?

Today dating has gone beyond bars for finding a soulmate. However, if you are still into dating with drinks why not get right down to business. Speed Dating gives a whole new meaning to "first impressions are everything" and can be found in just about every city across America. Supposedly, you can tell within the first five minutes if you want to get to know someone better or show them the door. However, this high speed approach to traditional dating is not for everyone.

The Internet is the matchmaker of the new age. We have all seen the commercials promising long lasting love through matching profiles. Though it used to be frowned upon to tell your friends you met someone online, it is becoming increasingly common. So much so that there have been major motion pictures surrounding the concept (i.e. Must Love Dogs and You've Got Mail). Be very careful though, as mother always said, "You can't believe everything you read."

When looking for love sometimes it doesn't hurt to stay close to home. Your friends and family often know you better than you know yourself, or so they so often claim. Why not give them the opportunity to show you just what you might need? The dreaded blind date is always an option.

Regardless where you are looking or how, everyone deserves to find love. Try stepping outside your comfort zone. Why not give each one of these methods a shot and you just might find Mr. or Mrs. Right during one of those five minutes, IM or emails or on that blind date.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

One Perfect Rose

A single flow'r he sent me, since we met,

All tenderly his messenger he chose;
Deep-hearted pure, with scented dew still wet - -

One perfect rose.
I know the language of the floweret.

“My fragile leaves,” it said, “his heart enclose.”

Love long has taken for his amuletOne perfect rose.
Why is it no one ever sent yetOne perfect limousine, do you suppose?

Ah no, it's always just my luck to get...

Love Poem

Your beauty enchants me
and sends me into a trance,
My heart skips a beat
whenever you give me a glance!
When I look into your eyes
I can see your faith in me,
You give me the courage to rise
and the strength to break free.
When I hold your hand
I can conquer the world I feel
All troubles I can withstand
and with every problem I can deal.
You are the one who has brought
happiness into my life
All my sorrows I forgot
when you stepped into my life!
My life has taken a path new
from the day I met you,
My feelings for you are true
I think I really love you!

Monday, November 2, 2009

10 Valentine’s Day Facts

Think you know everything about VAlign Leftalentine’s Day? Here are 10 facts that you might not be aware of:

1. More than half the Valentine’s Day cards that are bought are purchased in the week right before the holiday. It’s a great day for procrastinators everywhere. There are more single men than women, so finding a date on that special day can be tough.

2. There are over one hundred and eighty-eight million Valentine’s Day cards sold each year.

3. If you’re 65 or older, female and single, there are only thirty-four men for every 100 of you, so good luck.

4. There are more than 900 dating establishments throughout America to help you find that
More than twelve hundred chocolate and candy-producing factories exist.

5. In a day, about six thousand marriages take place.

6. Each person eats an average of almost twenty-six pounds of candy each year.

7. There are around twenty-two thousand florists in the US where you can get your sweetie some flowers.

8. If jewelry is your thing, there are nearly twenty-nine thousand stores
nationwide, so you’re sure to find something you like.

9. 73% of people who buy flowers for Valentine’s Day are men. Only 27% are women.

10. In the 1800’s, doctors typically would advise their broken hearted patients to eat chocolate to calm them down.

10 Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

Not everyone is creative when it comes to love, but there are all kinds of different and unique things you can do to show someone you care. If you’re lost as to how to spend Valentine’s Day, here are ten suggestions for you:
1. Take the entire day off. Devote it to one another.
2. Have another honeymoon. Even if it’s only in your local area and for a night, you can make it memorable.
3. Break the rules and celebrate all week long. Do something romantic and different each day.
4. Be kids again. Get some boxes of kid’s valentine cards and write romantic notes to each other.
5. Have a romantic movie marathon with your favorite foods to snack on.
6. Head off for some private time with a romantic game. There are many of them available.
7. Serve your significant other breakfast in bed.
8. Shower your bedroom in rose petals.
9. Plan a cozy lunch at a romantic restaurant, but make sure that you book your table in advance to avoid standing in line.
10. Have dinner at home by the fireplace, or light candles and have romantic music.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Be my Valentine

I think of you often...I do,
From morning 'til evening I do,
When memories bring laughter
Or moments bring pain,
There is faithfulness, too, once again.

And time always shows me
And God always shows me
Both sunshine and rain,
How, we gain yearly
From the love we're share dearly.

So, my dear, my sweet bubbaloo,
Remember our love, dulce bubbaloo,
For we've come so far and there's so much to come
And I have love to yet give
For the life we will live...together.

Make little of what makes you cry,
Be sure that what makes you cry
Has greater desire and a more certain will
To pray for His help from above
and restore the feelings of love.

So let's stir up our passion today,
Let memories give way today,
To the now and the future
For the joys and hopes and for all
The times my heart hears you call.

I'm so glad,
I'm so glad,
I love you
You love me fine
Be my Valentine.