Friday, April 23, 2010

How to Propose to Your Girlfriend

Asking your girlfriend to spend the rest of their life with you can be a very stressful time in a person's life. You do not know if they will say yes, or if they will say no. Worrying about finding a romantic and unique way to propose is also another worry men go through. Even though the traditional way of going down on one knee and asking them to marry you works, women today prefer to be asked in such a way that they will remember the moment for the rest of their lives.
Examples of innovative ways to propose to your girlfriend.
Sometimes, a romantic proposal will determine the answer of your girlfriend to your proposal. This is the reason why it is vital that you do it right. Finding the right way to propose is very easy to do. This is assuming that you know your girlfriend and her interests. For example, if your girlfriend is the type of person who likes to go to sporting events, having the words "will you marry me" on the big screen will have a big effect.
Taking your girlfriend out for a romantic trip and proposing during the trip is another way to do it while she is having a good time. For example, you and your girlfriend go to an Alaskan cruise, and while on the main deck looking at the stars during a clear night you go down on one knee and ask her to be your wife. Combining an unforgettable vacation along with a memorable moment will guarantee that she will never forget that day for the rest of her life.
Women want this moment to be truly memorable. If you think that there are no new ways to ask your girlfriend to spend the rest of their life with you, you are wrong. It only requires a little effort and a lot of preparation on your part.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Teens and Dating

Among the age brackets that receive the greatest amount of confusing decision making are teens. At this stage of life there could be hundreds of decisions to make that could leave them confused and troubled. In addition, temptations of making the worst decision of their lives are flooding the way at this stage.
One of the most crucial parts of being a teenager is relationships. In this point some parents would say "you are too young for that", and more often, teens get disappointed on it. Here are some of the most common questions that teen really get confused in answering and we are answering it to the best that we can for you guy.
When exactly should teens start dating?
The answer is, THERE IS NO BEST AGE FOR DATING. Being ready for dating is never an age matter. Dating is something that teen should be well aware of. Being mentally and emotionally fit and stable are the common requirements to determine if a person is ready to join the crazy world of dating. Since we are dealing with teens here, dating would only be okay for those who are able to handle things maturely and of course, those with parents consent.
What do you mean by healthy dating relationship?
Healthy dating relationship, much like friendship, should be founded in the base of good communication, respect and honesty. However, unlike friendship, healthy dating relationship would include physical means of expressing care such as hugging and kissing (reminder, never over do any of the stated physical means of expressing care). In addition, contrary to some people would say, healthy dating relationship would include being away from that person some time. Being away would create a stronger feeling of longing and would develop maturity for both sides. Also, being able to balance the time being spent for your special someone/crush and your family would mean you are having a good dating relationship.
Why do I have to date someone at my age?
Dating someone at your age or close to your age would ensure an equal maturity. Having the almost the same age would mean that both of you can understand one another very well. Also, this is to ensure and stay away from the possibility that dating someone older would only bring about physical relationship rather than the desirable emotional relationship.source :

Friday, April 9, 2010

How to Send Sweet Text Messages to Your Girlfriend - Make Her Fall in Love With You Everyday!

Showing your love to your girlfriend always ends up making you feel inspire and in love. Sending sweet text messages is a simple way for you to make someone feel desired and extraordinary. It is definitely an easy gesture surefire to make anyone feel good and happy, and think about you as well. Although there are already a lot of sweet text messages handy for you to just copy and paste, there are three ways on how to make you own sweet text message --- guaranteed to keep your girlfriend in love with you all the way!
Express and write what you feel. It will always make a difference if you make it a point to be sincere and true with your messages. Always remember to write to express not to impress. Though it can be pretty tricky, since you want to make your special someone like or love you back through a sweet text message. No matter if it's just a simple "I'm thinking of you" text to a play of Shakespearean words, it will still be sweet.
Be original and personal. It's always dreamy and thoughtful when you put some effort in making your text message personal and original, and let's face it --- a little phrase about love that you tried to make in a few minutes is way better than a copied one online, from books or magazines --- unleash the inner writer in you for a change.
Keep it short and simple. Make your own lyrics (even three lines is enough and you can actually make a little song about it!), write a poem --- always keep things to a minimum --- it'll build her anticipation more. Love and excitement go hand in hand so keep your girl hanging so she can still look forward for more sweet text messages from you!
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

10 Different Ideas For Long Distance Relationship

Love cannot be measured by distances. The relationship is measured by the depth of emotions. Trust and loyalty are the only wheels of love to eternity.
Long Distances can become a torment, but cannot be a barrier in love. There are lots of things that one can do to keep up the romance in long relationship. So not to worry if you are miles away from your love, just go through the following romantic ideas to keep your relationship exciting and intimate:
o Surprise gifts: when they are not expecting, send you partner flowers, cards and letters occasionally.
o Memories: capture and share that interesting moment of yours by exchanging photos, video clips. Post a declaration of your love on youtube.
o Surprise visits: show them how much you care for your love and that you will do anything for them by planning a surprise visit. Plan the visit even if it is for few moments. It will show how much you crave for them.
o Journal: a personal journal of your thoughts will help you a lot. Jot down your dreams, how much you missed them that day and at the end of your time together, give it to them to read.
o Love notes: leaving notes behind in their bags / luggage can be quite fun and romantic. They will notice them when they reach and start unpacking.
o CDs: make a mix of all the songs that remind you of your sweetheart, and then mail them to know your feelings.
o Stay in touch: be more interested in hearing about your partner's day and life, and then you are telling about your own. Tell that you miss them
o Sing for them: call your sweetheart and sing for them and let them know how you feel for them.
o List: send your mate a list of romantic things and Date Ideas and have him add his few ideas and send it back. When you are together, complete the list.
o Messaging: Surprise them by leaving a romantic message on their mobile phone.

Romantic Honeymoon Ideas to Fan the Flame of Love

Romantic honeymoon ideas are important in making every moment of your honeymoon a cherished one. Your honeymoon helps to create special memories of the beginning of your married relationship. So if you are looking for some special touches to help make your trip even better, then keep reading.
Surprises are so much fun; however, it is important that before you leave for your honeymoon trip you take the time to plan your ideas so that you have all the resources you need before you leave for your destination. Plan for ideas that are romantic and from the heart that will make your spouse happy and remember the moments forever.
Here are some of romantic honeymoon ideas that you might enjoy implementing.
Little presents
Each day of your honeymoon give your spouse a little present. This could be massage oil, a bubble bath, and your favorite bottle of wine or even a new CD. You do not have to give expensive or extravagant presents; but rather, it should be something that will add zest to your honeymoon, bring a smile to your spouse's face and something that fits the both of you.
Jacuzzi bath
Bring tea light candles and bubble bath on your honeymoon and prepare a warm bath for both of you. Make sure that your room has a Jacuzzi or bathtub. Turn off the lights, place the scented candles around the room, and enjoy many romantic moments together.
Reasons Why I Love You
Before leaving for your honeymoon, write down on small pieces of paper the reasons why you love your spouse. Maybe you can add a little art on it and present it to your new partner on a daily basis. Your spouse will be surprised and touched with the effort you exerted in expressing all the little things that you love about your life together.
Walking in the moonlight
This idea is the most common among other romantic honeymoon ideas. Take a walk hand in hand with the moon shining on you is such a romantic experience. Stroll along slowly and really experience the moments. Take pleasure in walking while talking about the delightful wedding you had and the plans for your future.
Love poem
Your spouse will be overwhelmed with happiness if you present a meaningful poem. You can put all your romantic thoughts in poetic manner. Whatever your style in delivering your love poem, it will be a treasured memory for both of you.
Romantic honeymoon ideas are that perfect little extra touch that can help you to create the vacation of your dreams.