Thursday, April 15, 2010

Teens and Dating

Among the age brackets that receive the greatest amount of confusing decision making are teens. At this stage of life there could be hundreds of decisions to make that could leave them confused and troubled. In addition, temptations of making the worst decision of their lives are flooding the way at this stage.
One of the most crucial parts of being a teenager is relationships. In this point some parents would say "you are too young for that", and more often, teens get disappointed on it. Here are some of the most common questions that teen really get confused in answering and we are answering it to the best that we can for you guy.
When exactly should teens start dating?
The answer is, THERE IS NO BEST AGE FOR DATING. Being ready for dating is never an age matter. Dating is something that teen should be well aware of. Being mentally and emotionally fit and stable are the common requirements to determine if a person is ready to join the crazy world of dating. Since we are dealing with teens here, dating would only be okay for those who are able to handle things maturely and of course, those with parents consent.
What do you mean by healthy dating relationship?
Healthy dating relationship, much like friendship, should be founded in the base of good communication, respect and honesty. However, unlike friendship, healthy dating relationship would include physical means of expressing care such as hugging and kissing (reminder, never over do any of the stated physical means of expressing care). In addition, contrary to some people would say, healthy dating relationship would include being away from that person some time. Being away would create a stronger feeling of longing and would develop maturity for both sides. Also, being able to balance the time being spent for your special someone/crush and your family would mean you are having a good dating relationship.
Why do I have to date someone at my age?
Dating someone at your age or close to your age would ensure an equal maturity. Having the almost the same age would mean that both of you can understand one another very well. Also, this is to ensure and stay away from the possibility that dating someone older would only bring about physical relationship rather than the desirable emotional relationship.source :