Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine's Day - Roses and Their Meanings

If you've decided on going traditional and giving your ladylove roses this Valentine's Day, keep in mind the different colors and the meanings they convey.

Red roses are also known as Valentine roses, and they are usually for lovers, although close family members may also be given red roses. Unless if you're in love with your friend, do not give red roses to her.

Red Roses

Red roses tell the other person "I love you" in the romantic sense. A red rose is an enduring symbol of love and passion. Not surprisingly, red roses are most in-demand in February, thus making them especially expensive during Valentine's day. Here is a list of rose colors and their different meanings.

White Roses A pure white rose is a symbol of truth and innocence. It also send another person these messages: "I miss you" and "You're heavenly."

Lilac and Purple Roses

If you've fallen love at first sight and have become basically enchanted, send the other person a bouquet of lilac roses or purple roses.

Coral and Orange Roses

If you send someone coral roses, it only means one thing: that you desire the other person. If you are not lesbian or bisexual but would to send your girl friend a rose, do not ever send coral roses, otherwise you might be misconstrued. Send yellow roses instead.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses have a strictly platonic meaning, and you only send them to friends.