Monday, September 13, 2010

Friendship Brings Out the Best in You

Human nature dictates that no man is an island. We constantly seek for love and friendship in order to have that sense of security. In our lifetime, there will always be that one person whom we can depend on to share in our triumphs and defeats- a person whom we can call a friend.
Relationships may come and go at anytime but, true friendship will remain despite trials and afflictions. It is a relationship based on trust, love, loyalty and respect. It can defy anger and seeks for reconciliation when misunderstanding arises. It is present not merely so that we could have a shoulder to cry on or have someone to talk to. Having a friend is like having a brother or a sister not by blood but by bond. It is a bond that grows deeper with the passing of time and grows stronger with every storm.
The fickle heart is very easy to judge. Through a friend's eye, one is more precious than any diamond. A friend respects your individuality, seeking that best in you and brings out your best qualities. A friend is ready to encourage and cheer you up especially when you feel the need to- someone who is ready to protect and defend you but is not afraid to reprimand you when you're in the wrong.
Where can we find true friendship? Do not be judgmental and you just might find yourself one that is worth keeping. A person can never have too many friends but true friendship is difficult to find especially if your heart and mind are closed. Keep in mind that humans are imperfect. It takes courage to open up to a person for a lasting relationship. There will be times of disappointments in the search for true friendship but once found, it is priceless. It changes people forever and at the same time, allows us to touch our friend in ways we can never imagine.