Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentines gifts – Five perfect minis and how to use them

Looking for that perfect, unforgettable valentines gifts?Whether you’re looking to rekindle the passion in a longer relationship, or creating an unforgettable first day with your new beloved, we’ve got some great ideas and some of the best products out there to make your valentine’s day amazing. Start with the place you’re going to celebrate, get some little goodies then build up to the main event – your perfect gift to celebrate the love that you share with the most important person in your life.
No matter what you choose, remember that the most important thing is that you both enjoy yourself and have a great time together. Start with the foundations Decide whether you want to hire a hotel room, or have your ‘day’ at home. If you’re hiring a hotel room, then plan in advance, and work out how to get your partner there. If you have to, pack for them, because keeping it as a surprise for as long as possible will maximise impact. Hotel rooms, understandably, on Valentine’s Day are very expensive, but will give you, and your love a perfect environment to enjoy yourselves and one another. A good meal at Valentine’s Day is often the precursor to a memorable day – so consider what you’d like to eat. Remember too though, that your partner may have plans, so in long term relationships it’s always a good idea to choose one partner to take the organisation for the bigger things on for a year.
That way, you’re not both planning a getaway, and are guaranteed that your plans won’t be replicated by your partner. Goodies and more Atmosphere is everything – so get candles and flowers if you can. There are some lovely white rose kits that contain some very fine petals and scented candles to match the subtle smell of the roses. If you can’t get them, consider picking up another scented candle and scattering petals on the floor, though, remember that if you’re in a hotel, you’ll have to clean up before checking out. Another caution is to be sure that your partner has no hay fever or allergies – there’s nothing worse than setting up a romantic occasion, and then having them sneeze. Chocolates, wine or champagne is also a great thing to bring with you – indulging your senses is one of the most important elements of really enjoying Valentine’s Day, though how much you choose to buy and enjoy is entirely up to you. Valentine’s day is always a great day to get some of the most sumptuous chocolates, but choosing the favourites of your partner can be as easy as picking a nice brand rather than going all out and getting the most expensive ones available. The special gift If you’re going all out, consider getting a special valentines gifts to commemorate the occasion.
Whether it’s a pretty wine glass, or a piece of jewellery, if you’ve ordered it in advance, it should arrive in plenty of time to get to your special day. If you’re celebrating at home, with a home cooked meal and lots of other goodies, remember to give the gift during the meal – if you’re spoiling your beloved rotten then it’s important to keep the day about them, but remember they’ll probably have a present for you too – having the day to spend together with lots of little goodies can give your relationship another level of depth and secure bonds that you’ve been creating with your lover for no matter how long you’ve been in a relationship together. Enjoy the day and remember to have fun!
The author is a gift guru and author specialising in gifts for her. Come enjoy some of the best valentines gifts on the web, hand-picked by our love experts.